Monday, June 06, 2005

Tagged !!

Now I have no idea as to what is this all about, just that it seems like a chain which I am supposed to continue. People who are very curious can try to track back the trail starting from Iyer's Blog. I gave up confused ... but here is my version !! I hope you are happy iyer.
Three names I go by -
1. Chordia
2. Ashchord (New one.. nice na )
3. Ashish
Three Screen Names-
1. ashishchordiag8 (Don't dare ask me whats g8.. its not great)
2. ashchord
Any more suggestions ...
Three things I like about myself-
1. My way of taking it easy
2. My confidence
3. My internal alarm clock(sometimes that amazes me myself but I always wake up before the the battery clock wakes me up)
Three things I don't like about myself-
1. My hair (cactus or as better put by some.. GolC ki ghaas)
2. My inability to express myself at some times.
3. My bragging at some times.
Three things that scare me-
1. Cockroaches
2. Horror movies
3. Ghosts obviously (I am no HeMan)
Three Essentials-
1. Wallet with money
2. Glasses
3. Computer with internet connection [:D]
Three things I like in opposite sex-
1. Confidence
2. Intelligence
3. Frankness
Three things I want to do badly right now-
1. Do some serious work
2. Talk to some friends for long hours(I really am missing you)
3. Plan next weekend's trip
Three careers I am considering right now-
1. Career counsellor
2. A manager (whatever those are)
3. Chef ( I love cooking when I don't have anything better to do .. )
Three places I want to go on vacation-
1. Switzerland
2. Venice
3. Bangi ..
Three kids names I like-
1. Preeti
2. Saumya
3. Dimple ..
Oops are these all female??
Three things to do before dying-
1. The forbidden thing (top priority)
2. Find my true love (Shrek isstyle)
3. Have a big car
Now the best part--
Three winners who have to take this quiz-
U can get the idea from iyer's blog given above.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hey Guys !! Thats me in downtown San Diego !! Went there on 22nd May .. 4 of us - Me, Bhupi, Sachin and Kaushik. Enjoy the rest of the pics and keep in touch.

Bhupi and Sachs !! two very sweet and caring guys I am living with ... and they are from my very own KGP !! Missing u kgp .. love u all there !!!

Looking smart na ?? cummon say it .. waise fundoo buildings na !! thats a view of Downtown from San Diego harbor.

The Twin Towers .. ohh no not the Lord of the Rings nor the Kualalampur .. they are in the very heart of a beautiful city San Diego

Awesome view .. isn't it ?? Thats downtown San Diego .. FYI: Downtown is a place where all the major offices are!

Thats a Real Star of INDIA .. ya ya .. real stars.. me and ship ;)

At the Pacific beach near to San Diego !! Very cool and nice wind was blowing.

At San Diego Harbor !! Bhupesh, me and Kaushik Photograph by Sachin :D

At a Lagoon near San Deigo

Friday, May 20, 2005

The first flight !!!

Well here I am with my version of my internship inspired by so many other people who have already put down their experiences in their blogs !! For all those who love me your wait is finally over and for those who don't, read it anyways ....
I couldn't have been more lucky in the way that the first time I am going out of the country and I got a chance to go to one of the most happening cities in one of the most happening countries of the most happening planet of this one of the most happening galaxies of this Universe (you must be glad I ended that !!) in short I flew to Los Angeles in the state of California in USA from Delhi Airport staying at Sinagpore and Tokyo airports on my way. If I won't say anything about singapore airport it would be an insult to it .. its simply the most amazing and splendid airport (though I haven't seen many, but I believe it is). The thing that I had to walk for almost 2 kms inside the airport to reach my other terminal crossing over 100 shops and some most splendid interiors itself tells you the story. The only other memorable thing in the whole journey was the fact that I got all the 3 seats to msyelf and I came like a prince for 9 hours from Tokyo to LA.
So here I am in a total foreign country .. actually me and Kaushik, another friend in the same University with just a piece of paper with an address in our hands. We looked for cabs and we found some advertisements. I called a random number (say no.1) and told them the location .. they said it will take us 37$ per head and that they are sending someone. I tried another number(say no.2) and they said they will take us in 15$, and we couldn't be happier(wow ... savings of 25$= 24*50-24*6 = thats almost a 1000 bucks) (indian thoughts ->I will buy a new jeans or a new RAM or ... in that in India). So we waited for our shuttle to come and suddenly a guy comes and asks my name and asks me to come to other side so that he can pick me up(counfused state).(Indian thoughts-> Who is this guy ?? What the hell does he want ?? LA is a dangerous place. scared !!) Well anyways we crossed the road and tried to ask him who he was but he was glued to his radio on which he was constantly talking to someone while keeping our luggage in his car.
Almost instantly a traffic policeman came and gave him a ticket for some wrong parking.He was furious but I couldn't have been more thankful to him for my jeans(oops for saving us). The thing was that he was sent by no.1 cab company to pick us up but he started abusing the policeman for giving him the ticket and we managed to save 25$. The policeman asked us a few questions and then let us go. Woooooo that was scary as well as a nice experience. Reached at my seniors' place at 3.30 !!! Had some verrrryyy delicious Indian food.(yummy ... )
Rest in next post. Keep looking this space and keep smiling! and ya keep writing :)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

End Sems or Sem End !!

This post is coming after a long time and it comes because I am not able to sleep,simple enough? So what is this all about? No, Its isn't about how my end semesters went(thought this time was much better than the last time), nor is it about what am I going to do in my holidays(home sweet home). Its about the whole semester , unarguably the best semester of my IIT life so far. People may differ in opinion when they say that this semester is very hectic,there is too much of a work load, we have to study all time and stuff. But for me there can't be anything better than this semester.

This semester has given me some amazingly wonderful friends who will stand by me in all my battles and share all my feelings. For the fist time in my IIT life I am enjoying whatever I am studying and I look forward to mugging. Ofcourse, a big credit goes to all those library sessions which have extended to as long as 12 hours for me and I didn't feel a thing. All those bhaat sessions in the library, those wonderful plans,going to roof top, the missed calls, everything gave me a reason to study. I had become so much used to all this that I really missed the library, which had almost become a second home for us, after my exams got over.

Now the exams are over and all that we are left with was an assignment, I wanted more of everything I did. But then everything has to end so that new one can start, and this cudn't have ended in a better way. One of my most amazing friends "
got settled" with the most wonderful girl he could have found. I am so very happy for both of them that I just can't concentrate on anything else for the time being. Let me enjoy this moment and all the moments I will always cherish throughout my life. Now I am just hoping that next semester would be much more fun than this , since there are a lot of thing lined up to do next semester. We will have a ball,buddies!!.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Monsters' Inc.

Yep that is Monsters' Incorporated . A company with the motto
We Scare because We Care
in the city of Monstropolis. Yes, that's a whole new story line you haven't seen anywhere.
Now coming to best points about the movie:-

  • The cutest, sweetest,loveliest character anybody will just love after seeing its activities . She is Boo, a 3 year old little human girl who gets into the monster world by mistake and haves her share of fun.

  • The most amazing display of emotions you can show by just a mouth and one eye.....Yes just a mouth and a eye. Thats Mike, a wonderfully dumb monster with a wonderful sense of humor.

  • The most amazing story where all the characters just fit .

  • An amazing creativity they have shown when creating the monster world with every monster unique in every way with unique attributes and a unique shape.

What else , now just watch the movie...And you will certainly like me for telling you this.. Enjoy !!!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Best Friends??

I was forced to think upon this when a very dear friend questioned our friendship....just because we haven't talked for quite some days.
Do Best friends need to talk everyday??? Do they have to do everything together?
I don't think so. Friendship doesn't come with comes from the heart and it doesn't get dull with time. Best friends remain friends forever. They will still be the same even if they meet after years. The same innocence and same sanity and purity that was there before will still be lurking somewhere even if some amount of these worldly theories of "Don't trust anybody" have taken over your mind but your heart will always be there to tell you the exact thing to do.
So, always listen to it whenever u feel down. True friendships never break.If there is some tension it just needs time to heal and it will be like it always was, as vibrant as it ever was.
Just think over this..maybe you have some more you can share with me.